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Daily Light Affirmation Deck

Daily Light Affirmation Deck

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The 'Daily Light Affirmation Deck' presents a visually stunning collection curated by Joanna Hunter, featuring 60 of her favorite quotes designed to elevate consciousness and inspire. This beautifully crafted deck serves as an invitation to delve into higher states of awareness. Each card showcases a powerful quote that aims to resonate with and ignite a sense of purpose and enlightenment in the reader. It's a visual feast designed to encourage self-reflection, growth, and a positive shift in consciousness.

This deck calls to individuals intrigued by the New Thought Movement and conscious explorers seeking a spiritual edge in their personal and professional growth. With 60 cards filled with empowering affirmations, it serves as an ideal starter deck for those beginning their journey into oracle decks. It's crafted to foster a better self-relationship and cultivate a more profound connection to one's purpose, ideal for those seeking daily inspiration and guidance.


60 Cards with 2 Instructional Cards, Square Deck ~ 4inches x 4inches

Gold foil detailing on the box with 62 square, gold-edged cards.

ISBN 978-0-6458850-3-3

Published August 1, 2024

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Joanna Hunter, an international Metaphysical Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Channel for the transcendent collective consciousness known as Skylar, is on a soulful mission. She's here to weave the teachings of Skylar into the fabric of Earth, reviving magic, abundance, and a profound connection to Source. Joanna brings a refreshing, no-nonsense approach, often hailed as the most down-to-earth "woo" teacher you'll ever encounter.

This deck is specifically tailored for conscious explorers seeking a deeper, spiritual connection, aimed at those who wish to venture into the world of affirmations for self-improvement and daily guidance. It's an excellent tool for individuals desiring a more profound connection to their inner selves while navigating the spiritual landscape.

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