Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter

Meet Joanna Hunter, a trailblazing New Thought Leader, Metaphysical Teacher, Author, Speaker, and the High Priestess of the transformative LightWeb®. In her cosmic journey, Joanna birthed the world's largest metaphysical experiment, My Million Dollar Experiment, challenging the status quo and inviting seekers to join her movement of conscious millionaires. 

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, now living in the magical Highlands of Scotland. Joanna's spiritual gifts ignited early, shaping a character-rich childhood. At 23, she started teaching metaphysical arts and divination, guiding thousands to embrace their spiritual gifts and master the ethereal laws governing our physical existence. A beacon of light, Joanna, alongside Skylar's collective consciousness, carries the sacred Codex of Light™ teachings, a spiritual guide for human ascension.

As the human ambassador of the Codex of Light, Joanna empowers clients and students to deepen their connection with Source, elevating their vibration and unlocking internal magic for YOUnity consciousness. Her teaching style is a blend of heart, humor, and a touch of enchantment, creating a space where spirituality meets practicality.

Joanna's entrepreneurial spirit clashed with her spiritual calling in her early days, juggling marketing with McDonald's at just 17 and birthing multiple businesses at 23 while being a young mother. Despite building and creating four separate six-figure businesses between 23 and 26, burnout struck hard, leading to multiple organ failure. This awakening spurred Joanna to integrate her entrepreneurial prowess with her mediumistic gifts, crafting a life of freedom.

A natural storyteller, Joanna shares her life's tales intertwined with deep metaphysical truths to catalyze the awakening of the best versions of her audience. Skylar, the millions-strong collective consciousness she channels, serves as the unincarnated members of Joanna's soul tribe. Their mission is the coalescence of human ascension, bringing YOUnity to Earth and dispelling suffering by rekindling the magic of our soul's truth.

The profound wisdom imparted by Joanna and Skylar has guided thousands to align with their true selves, resulting in increased wealth, joy, and fulfilment. Step into the enchanting world of Joanna Hunter and Skylar, where metaphysics meets everyday magic.

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