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The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck

The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck

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The Wealthy Woman Oracle Deck is a luxury tool designed to empower women in transforming their relationship with money and cultivating more wealth in their lives. Each of the 44 exquisitely designed cards serves to connect users with their intuition, offering guidance on all matters relating to abundance and prosperity.

This deck is beautifully and consciously created, ensuring a luxurious and seamless customer experience. The artwork, featuring women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, promotes inclusivity and diversity. The attention to detail includes gold foil edges, high-quality smooth cardstock, and a full-color guidebook describing the guidance for each card.


44 Card Deck with Gold Detailing on the back of each card ~ 3.5inches x 5.5inches

112 Page, Full-Colour Guidebook

ISBN 978-0-6458850-2-6

Published August 1, 2024


Taylor Eaton is a pioneer in blending spirituality with financial empowerment. Her expertise lies in developing unique spiritual money tools that enable individuals to unlock financial abundance. Her multifaceted approach blends various modalities such as mindset work, meditation, Human Design, magick, oracle card readings and more.

This Oracle Deck caters to women seeking financial empowerment and a transformative perspective on wealth. Ideal for individuals aiming to reframe their relationship with money, embrace abundance, and achieve financial freedom.

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