Jen McCarty

Jen McCarty

Jen McCarty is a leading luminary in the ascension and twin flame community.

Jen teaches and guides pioneering and leading changemakers in the spiritual community. Jen experienced a life changing kundalini awakening aged 21 in the Himalayas in northern India chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya from that moment she passed over the threshold from 3D consciousness to stabilising into 5th dimensional consciousness. She is now 44 years old and has devoted her whole adult life to the spiritual awakening path, mastering many many disciplines along the way.

She is a fully awakened spiritual teacher, deeply and highly skilled at facilitating a space for all those who she comes into contact with, to awaken spiritually. She explains this using the analogy of a candle – “When a candle is lit it is very very easy to light other candles.”

She has been working quite specifically with the twin flame community recently but her skills are vast and varied…. she can help you bring in greater levels of abundance, greater health and well being, weight loss, and alignment with your soul’s highest destiny. She has been granted access to the Akashic records through the purification of her own personal ascension process, which enables her to bring forth potent wisdom in order to assist you in successfully completing the lessons you incarnated to master. She has a phenomenal track record in uniting twin flames, assisting them to connect with their multidimensional aspect, and activating the hieros gamos, the inner alchemical marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within, and very skillfully identifying and removing all blocks that stand in the way of triumphant Twin Flame Union.

She created a group on Facebook called “The Event is Happening,” which has attracted over 88000 people in 12 months. This is an extremely important Ascension forum that is assisting many many Souls to awaken fully to their divine spiritual heritage. Jen leads with humour, wisdom, Grace and a deep abiding love for all souls who come into contact with her.